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The difference is in the biscuit, or base, of the tile. A ceramic biscuit is made from clay like substance which is then glazed and fired. A porcelain tile is made from much finer clay which is then pressed under very high pressure which makes it very hard and impervious to water. This means that a porcelain tile is frost proof and generally stronger than a ceramic tile. Most Porcelain is classified in one of the following ways: Natural Porcelain – Also described as unglazed porcelain, Natural porcelain is, as the name implies, porcelain that has not been glazed or polished. These tiles are made of porcelain through and through. They can have surface treatments (soluble salts), have a different face and body (double loaded), or the face of the tile simply be a different colour or texture than the body of the tile, yet it's still classified as through-body "natural" porcelain. Most natural porcelain tiles have absorption ratings of less than .1%. Keep in mind that absorption has nothing to do with the facial surface being stain resistant. Unless the tile manufacturer has treated the porcelain to close-up the surface (micro) porosity, you will need to seal natural porcelain tiles before grouting.
Polished Porcelain – Is a natural porcelain with a polished surface. The polished surface isn't a glaze, but actually comes from within the stone and it's polished in a fashion similar to granite. It's important to note that the polishing process on a porcelain tile actually opens up the pores of the tile. This means polished porcelain tiles must have a penetrating or impregnating sealer applied before grouting in order to increase resistance against staining and make them easier to keep clean. Glazed Porcelain - Glazed porcelains can be partially glazed; they can use glaze elements used in the manufacturing process, or they can be completely glazed. There are even some glazes that can be polished!
Yes, but you will need to make sure that the existing tiles are well fixed and free from any dirt or grease.
You can tile outdoors, but because of our wonderful British weather it will need to be frost-proof – look for the frost proof emblem on our website. You will also need to use the correct adhesive.
Yes – but you will need to overboard with 18mm marine ply or tile backerboard (which is only 6mm deep). Please contact us for further information
Our maximum delivery charge is £40 + VAT per pallet up to 1000kg, with various other delivery options available. Delivery charges are calculated on total weight of order. We will always notify you of the specific delivery date, and if you are not in to recieve the goods, there will be a £15 redelivery charge to be made payable before delivery.
 Amendments can be made to orders prior to dispatch. You will receive confirmation once the order has been dispatched.
Yes, our main warehouse, situated at Herons Way, Balby, Doncaster, is open Monday – Thursday 7:30 – 4:30 / Friday 7:30 – 4:00. We would advise that you to call us first to check stock, and remember to print off/ note the product page you will be purchasing from.
We do advise customers to keep some extra tiles as spares, in case of any damaged tiles in the future. However, unlike our competitors, we are happy to accept any amount of tiles for refund. We will credit your payment card on receipt of the tiles in good condition. The customer is responsible for the costs of returning any goods, unless they are incorrect or faulty.
All tiles can be purchased in whatever quantity is required. For example per Tile, Sheet, Metre or Box
Approx 95% of all the tiles displayed on our web site are carried in stock and can be dispatched for delivery in 1-2 working days. Special order items/imported products may take 3-5 weeks.
ALL major credit/debit cards are accepted.
Yes samples are available for a small charge all sample charges will be discounted from your order
Call 01302 554030 to discuss returns.
Contact us on 01302 554030 Monday – Thursday 7:30 – 4:00 / Friday 7:30 – 4:00 or email us
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