Get some Scandinavian style

An iconic design style, the Scandinavian look is inspired by the interiors of Sweden, Denmark and Norway. It’s all about connection to the natural world combined with an emphasis on functionality, comfort and modern living.

Combine woods and whites in the bathroom

One of the hallmarks of a Scandinavian interior is light natural woods on floors and accents and bright white walls.

Thanks to advanced manufacturing technology porcelain tile can be printed so as to be indistinguishable from its source whilst retaining all the benefits of porcelain.

This means you can have Scandinavian style wooden floors in your bathroom without the associated maintenance issues.

Combined with a simple bright white simple tile on the wall and you’ve got the perfect base for modern bathroom furniture with wood accents

Muted and neutral coloured walls

An alternative to bright white is using soft colours on the walls help bring out the natural warmth of wood.

Keep walls relatively simple, but use textures to highlight areas of the room that you want to draw attention to

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